the Leptophonics

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In 1995 we met for the first time for an informal "exchange" in a cellar - we called our meeting "underground".
Originally without a concept, we had great delight in the emerging improvised music. Then we became serious. Other people became aware of our music and so we gave our first performance. The ball was rolling, the audiences and our own enjoyment grew and grew. We started arranging, sometimes our own compositions, evergreens or even unknown pieces.

At present we prepare and arrange unique repertoire pieces together with our patrons. Our customers vary from private persons, for anniversaries or weddings, to institutions and towns, for exhibitions, and banks and industries for congresses, opening of buildings and talks.
One emphasis of the work and music of the Leptophonics is on the entertainment side, often supported by the use of popular melodies and songs. The other emphasis is on the artistic content revealed in original pieces, special projects and concerts.
The Leptophonics are generally interested in the effect of sounds. How is an audience´s concentration and openness? How lively is the venue? How shall the musicians bundle this energy into their music?
The Leptophonics search for the sounds as a means of expressing the interplay between the energy fields of men and place. A dialogue involving these energy potentials develops. A dialogue that is based on each new situation and therefore entirely unique.
On their travels the Leptophonics have often come together with members of the fine arts. In 1998 the foundation was laid for extensive cooperation with painter Gilbert Bender and the photographer Frank Gauls.
Gilbert is an indispensible part of the "sight-hearing-tour". He designed one of the CD-booklets and helped conceive the "sight-hearing-tour-live".
Frank contributed the photos for the booklet and always accompanies the musical actions with his camera.